Erowa Handling Advantages

Pallet size is chosen to suit the work
Erowa automation loads pallet sizes that matches the work. We do not have to lift big, expensive machine pallets for smaller jobs and access for 5 axis work is improved.


Multiple pallet sizes in one system
When there is a range of workpiece sizes we can have a mix of pallet sizes in one robot. This gives us a much better use of the magazine space with more pallets for longer unattended running and the floor space is kept to a minimum.


Inexpensive pallets are easily changed
We can have many different fixtures on inexpensive pallets. Quickly loading them into the robot magazine when they are needed.


Standard Robots configured for individual projects
Using standard modules we can create an automation system to suit your needs but without the high engineering costs for a bespoke system.


Commissionning times just a few days
Modular construction also means that installation times are short so the newly automated cell is up and running .. and producing.


Small batch and single part production
Using Erowa's process control software, the production of a high mix of parts but in very small batches is now a reality. Adding that urgent job now becomes simple with the ability to change the production order at any time.


Incorporate other processes too
More than one machining process can be included with machines from different manufacturers. Previously manual operations, such as deburring, measuring and part marking can also be included.

Peace of Mind
25 years of experience has made Erowa automation the number one choice for your machine shop.