EROWA Profile

EROsion, Werkzeugbau, Automation ... the three German words for EDM, toolmaking and automation were used to create the name EROWA.  Erowa  is located in Reinach and Büron, close to Luzern, in Switzerland.

EROWA's field of activity is tool- and moldmaking, as well as precision mechanics. Thanks to innovative, practice-oriented system solutions and a comprehensive range of services (servicing, advice, engineering, training), the small company set up in 1970 has become an internationally active, successful corporate group and employs a total of 300 people in Switzerland and in subsidiaries in Germany, France, Sweden, the USA, Japan, Singapore, China and in numerous representations in other countries.

The close-knit marketing and distribution network guarantees closeness to customers and prompt service worldwide. Regular customers include small, medium-sized and big companies in the machine-building, aerospace, medical, automotive, electronics and watchmaking industries.