Erowa Process Control

EROWA EMC3 managing small series production through unattended shifts

A machine tool fitted with an Erowa pallet loading system is now a preferred solution to lost hours at night and weekend but organizing your jobs for the entire weekend is quite a challenge. Workpieces, NC programs, tools and automatic changes need to be synchronized. Making sure that all goes right is a top priority to avoid lost production and scrapped jobs.
This is a job for the new Erowa EMC3, the cell control software that takes the strain out of small batch production.
EMC3 organizes the jobs, the cutting tools, the programs, the offset data and the process steps.
 You can check the working sequence and see the processing times.  You can be confident that everything will run smoothly.
Workpiece pallets are identified automatically by reading a small ID chip so loading the various parts into the magazine can be chaotic. Once the magazine door is closed identification starts.. automatically.
You allocate the NC programs to the jobs so EMC3 can check the available cutting tools in the changer. If all necessary tools are ready, the status of each new job turns GREEN and “ready”.
You may want to change the production sequence. To do so, click on the priority listing and change the sequence to suit you.
Click the START button, turn off the lights and go home!
EMC3 enables safe and unattended production of small series parts while productivity remains at the highest level in your shop.
Finally, even if you don’t believe that the cell is still running, check it out with the Erowa APP on your smart phone.
Sleep well!